Leaves used for Matcha is carefully grown and shaded during the last growth phase of the plant. Why? This method allows for the leaves to create the highest chlorophyll level, which helps create the sought after bright vivid light green color.


Not all leaves used is the same. Younger leaves that just sprouted are more highly praised for their sweet flavor and fragrant scent. Spring is the best season to buy because that is when the freshness is at its peak.


After the leaves are carefully picked, they are sorted by different quality


After sorting, it is transferred to a different station to undergo a flash steaming process. By doing this, the tea leaves are stopped from oxidizing furthermore.

Air Drying

This is the natural method to cool down the leaves after steaming and let them dry.


Once the leaves are dried, they are processed through a machine to remove the steam and vein. The leaves are then transferred to the last station where they are grinded by machine into a fine powder.

Health Benefits

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